Integrated power amplifiers


The DIVALDI INT-02 is an integrated stereo amplifier with 100W output power per channel, designed for listening to music through a set of speakers. Suitable for use with 4 – 8 Ohm impedance speaker sets.
The ability to connect both digital signals (USB, SPDIF) and analog (RCA / XLR, Phono connectors) integrates all popular audio signals in one device.
Stylish and original amplifier housing with specially developed radiator is a work of the best Polish designers. The heatsink was built with many elements cut from thick aluminum sheets folded and manually calibrated.
The kit includes IR remote control.

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Output power 2 x 100W (Class A)
Output load 4 Ohm - 16 Ohm
Analog input RCA stereo line - 2x / RCA stereo PHONO - 1x / XLR stereo line - 1x
Digital input RCA coaxial SPDIF -1x / XLR AES-EBU -1x / USB -1x
Headphone out none
Frequency Response Line Input 20 - 30kHz - 0.5 dB
Loads of phono inputs MM 47 kOhm (100pF) / MC 100 Ohm
DAC Converter Resolution 32 Bit
Remote control IR remote control
Power supply 230V AC
Power Consumption and Operating Mode Power on 95 W - 550 W max.
Material aluminium
width 525 mm
height 126 mm
depth 440 mm
Weight 30 kg
Colour black