AMP-05 is a headphone amplifier designed for listening to music signals via Hi-Fi headphones equipped with XLR 4 pin plug, Jack 6, 3mm and a third Pentacon 4.4mm socket. Only one pair of headphones can be connected to either jack at a time.

The amplifier’s chassis has been designed and manufactured from a uniform, high-quality lump of aluminum.

The amplifier is equipped with a delayed headphone switching system. The standby mode is possible each time only after a few seconds after switching on the device.

The power supply of the device is provided by an included power supply with 16 V AC for optimal performance.

The amplifier is made as two separate and isolated mono channels, with separate power supplies for the left and right channels.

The amplifier’s power stage is a unique design operating in class A with operating characteristics typical of tube stages.

Assembly of electronic components is carried out using THT and SMD technology. All THT electronic components were selected and paired by hand.

The device is designed to play music material from the genres of Opera, Classical, Jazz, Rock, POP.

The amplifier has the ability to work with devices for line signals such as CD, Tuner, DAT, DAC, tape recorder.


The Special Edition version is characterized by additional decorative elements. They can be in different colors depending on the customer’s taste. The pictures show the gold version.

- Output power 0.9W
- Music power 2W
- Output load min 16 Ohms - 600 Ohms
- Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz /0.5dB
- Power stage voltage gain 20 dB
- RCA stereo 1x Line jack,
- Mini Jack3.5mm stereo 1x
- XLR 4pin jack,
- 6.3mm stereo jack
- Pentacon 4.4mm (optional Mini Jack 3.5mm)
- Power supply 16 V AC
- Current consumption 1A max.
- Power consumption 15 W max.
- Load capacity of outputs Max. 0.5A / channel (pulse)
Width 115m
Height 55mm
Depth 102mm
Weight 0.7kg

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