The matter is serious!

According to our declaration – on request we send free of charge for testing our newest headphone amplifier AMP-05. Are you interested ? want to listen to one of the best headphone amplifiers ? Check if it is available in the nearest Hi-Fi store – if it is not ☹ give the owner a contact to us – we will send for free tests.

Below are photos from a recent VIP listening session that took place on 06/06/2023 in the HiFi Station store showroom in Krakow, Krowoderskich Zuchów street.

The AMP-05 standard and Special Edition versions were auditioned from various analog and digital sources. Common were headphone converters from Final 8000 , Final Pandora VI, Sennheiser HD-800 set up on three stands .


The auditions lasted 3 hours AMP’s defended themselves and came out of the audition without complaint 😊.