Exhibitions, presentations, premieres….

After many presentations and favorable reviews in the country, we decided to show our new amplifiers at the High End exhibition in Munich. Unfortunately, there were no more seats available, but it turned out that at the same time in Munich, the hifidelux exhibition is being held at the Marriott Hotel. There is a shuttle bus every 15 minutes between the exhibitions so getting there is not a problem.

At hifidelux we showed four of our new devices:

GOLD PA ONE – power amplifier

GOLD PRE ONE – preamp

AMP-05 – headphone amplifier

PHONO STAGE ONE – MM/MC phono preamp

Our new GOLD INT ONE integrator – unfortunately it already fit me on the stand ☹.

AMP-05 was highly appreciated, all the listeners did not spare warm words and praise.

Our assumptions that a headphone amplifier in a chassis cut from a single lump of aluminum forming a common heatsink for the amplifier’s output stage and power supply stabilizers, on top of that dual mono and in class A, was a good direction for our work, were confirmed.

A number of reviewers have volunteered to test the AMP-05, we are sending all of them and look forward to feedback, which we will provide on an ongoing basis.