First DIVALDI’s display at the biggest High End fair in Europe took place this year in Munich.
Our stand was not large but beautifully designed by Piotr Jagiełłowicz and attracted a large number of fans of true sound.

In addition to the well-known front speakers FS-01 and AMP-01 headphone amplifiers, we have shown some new products:

  • AMP-02 amplifier with MC input and self-correction of input stages.
  • conditioner powered by photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 1500W / h
  • tables made of granite and corian
  • stylish headphone stands

Guests, wo visited us appreciated the coherent appearance of our equipment, aesthetic and sound qualities.
The powerful ANNA turntable from Notthingham Analogue Studio, powered by our amplifiers, was also awe-inspiring.

I think next year we will definitely surprise everyone once again.
As we say in Poland: “Pole CAN” and that is what counts!

Włodek Duval