Our first designs were developed in the 80’s, mainly systems designed to play music in clubs, followed by individual AV systems and stage lighting. After over 30 years of experience we have decided to immerse our visions and experiences into something physical and mass but in the same time something that would have its own soul. That’s how the idea to develop high-end devices, which would invisibly connect a human with technology emerged. In 2010 first designes were brought to life in BURGUND series, it consisted: an amplifier, preamplifier, loudspeaker and gramophone, mainly developed by Waldemar Łuczkoś. The devices have been featured on many occasions with audiophiles and the at the Audio Show, rising recognition for its acoustic qualities and rare, turntable design featuring two arms.

After this first success, we have set the main goal for further developement: to combine best sound quality with modern, exclusive and professional performance. Today we are proudly presenting our first devices, which we will systematically develop

P.S. Many people ask where has Divaldi brand name came from. It’s a combination of two founders names: Dival (the phonetic pronunciation of Duval) and Valdi (that’s what Waldemar Łuczkoś is usually called), this word also brings to mind a name of great a composer and that is a pure coincidence but lucky one as it suggests music..